The Pandemic COVID – Deal With Ordeal

The pandemic left, lot of us, me included, struggling to live in the “present”.

That “present”, with all its uncertainty, fear of rebound, doesn’t look like the life we used to live or the life we had imagined, most of us will be able to return to.

That experience has a liner — Deal with Ordeal.

Understanding it and its origins can deliver ways to better understand the vague, abstruse space we currently dwell in.

What Is it?

The paths we as humans navigate, when met with life events, it is like each one of us gets under trial. These are the times when we are in an imaginative box amid several life stages.

It’s not the first time the pandemic has hit us, I have been researching the dark phases of several other families over the internet who have lost lives. These families have all experienced what we are currently undergoing in times. No one was with them to answer why that happened to their loved ones, no one is with us today to answer why did we lose loved ones.

The void just can’t be filled. Looming around uncertainties, silence prevails amongst grieved ones, when one is comfortable with other, fears are still around, noiseless, but becomes imperative to ears when that other is taken away.

The best way to cope up with Uncertainty is “Accepting truth”. A happy way to an even, content and concurrent life.

The world is a figurative space for poets, artists, and visionaries. But what about those who hover in the reality. Tough decisions are made when system is unable to cope up with the scarcity of resources, morality takes a back step.

We the humans, the most fearing of all, ask everyone, are we going to see another peak? When is the next peak coming? Is Pandemic over? When will we roam around freely? And so on and on.

The void between the current life and future life causes us grief. Not only I but the world knows that It is not Covid, but this void, this uncertainty has left many around the globe in despair, a silent killer. In medical terms people call it “Depression”. Question is not “Who will heal us”?, but “What will heal us”?

Tobo asks the world, to take your despair for a walk, as it can seize precious moments of your life, manage uncertainty, and do so separately. The collective approach is more like a game, and games give you short term confidence, so, to boost your inner self and to increase confidence in managing uncertainty, be on your own.

Wondering How?

Manage the information we receive, manage the same when we broadcast, Connect with your inner self, Give google a break, Learn to adjust with all the turns that come with quickly evolving science and the subsequent uncertainty is what sums up as an essential. We might improve our lives by accepting current scenario and lastly learn to tolerate uncertainty. Lay the strong foundation of certainty in life, talk to strangers, think of reshaping the world.

Life is a cycle, has its ups and down, returns to normal every now and then. So DEAL WITH ORDEAL.

Tobo 🙂

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