On Premises and hybrid Cloud

On Premises Deployment Cloud computing: In this case the servers are kept on the premises of the office or organization, the whole set up is called data center, unlike public cloud where the data center is of the third party like AWS or Microsoft Azure, the on premises cloud’s data center is inside the organization building. Resources are deployed by using virtualization and resource management tools such as PM2. Resource utilization is increased by using application management and virtualization technologies.

On-premises deployment is also known as a private cloud deployment. In this model, resources are deployed on premises by using virtualization and resource management tools.

For example, you might have applications that run on technology that is fully kept in your on-premises data center. Though this model is much like legacy IT infrastructure, its incorporation of application management and virtualization technologies helps to increase resource utilization.

Hybrid Deployment

In hybrid approach the data center is kept inside the organization as well as a part of data center of third party is used. Cloud-based resources are connected to on-premises infrastructure. Cloud-based resources are integrated with legacy IT applications.

In a hybrid deployment, cloud-based resources are connected to on-premises infrastructure. You might want to use this approach in a number of situations. For example, you have legacy applications that are better maintained on premises, or government regulations require your business to keep certain records on premises.

For example, suppose that a company wants to use cloud services that can automate batch data processing and analytics. However, the company has several legacy applications that are more suitable on premises and will not be migrated to the cloud. With a hybrid deployment, the company would be able to keep the legacy applications on premises while benefiting from the data and analytics services that run in the cloud.

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