Generative AI Fundamentals Quiz Answers – Google

  1. The performance of large language models (LLMs) generally improves as more data and parameters are added.

Answer – True

2. Prompt tuning is a technique for:

Answer – Improving the output quality of large language models.

3. Which are examples of tasks that Bard code generation can perform? (Select 3)

Answer – Explain your code to you line by line, Debug your lines of source code, & Translate code from one language to another

4. What is machine learning?

Answer – Programs or systems that learn from data instead of being explicitly programmed

5. What are some benefits of prompt tuning? (Select 2)

Answer – Enables large language models (LLMs) to adapt to a wide range of tasks & Helps large language models (LLMs) generate more accurate responses

6. Which of the following is a potential use of generative AI?

Answer – A customer service chatbot

7. Which of the following are examples of pre-training for a large language model (LLM)? (Select 3)

Answer – Text classification, Question answering & Document summarization

8. According to Google’s AI Principles, bias can enter into the system at only specific points in the ML lifecycle.

Answer – False

9. Your teammate is using Generative AI App Builder to create an app for generating images. Which benefit of Generative AI App Builder most likely led your teammate to choose this approach?

Answer – Creating app content without writing code

10. Your company has a large language model (LLM) to help employees with their everyday tasks. You want to teach your colleagues about prompt design. Which of the following is a good example of a well-designed prompt?

Answer – Translate the following sentence into French: Hello, how are you today?

11. You are planning a trip to Germany in a few months. You’ve booked a hotel that includes dinner. You want to email the hotel so they are aware of your food preferences. Using gen AI, you can easily generate an email in German using English prompts. Which gen AI training model enables you to do this?

Answer – Text-to-text

12. Which of the following tools can be used to help developers train ML models on their data by using different algorithms?

Answer – PaLM API with MakerSuite

13. Google’s approach to responsible AI is based on which of the following commitments? (Select 4)

Answer – It’s accountable and safe, It’s driven by scientific excellence, It respects privacy, & It’s built for everyone.

14. You want to explain to a colleague how gen AI works. Which of the following would be a good explanation?

Answer – Gen AI learns from existing data and then creates new content that is similar to the data it was trained on.

15. Which of the following is recommended by Google as most important in establishing AI governance?

Answer – Building practices around ethical decision-making

16. You want to organize documents into distinct groups, without predefining the groups. Which type of machine learning model should you use?

Answer – Unsupervised learning model

17. What action does Google recommend organizations take to ensure that AI is used responsibly?

Answer – Seek participation from a diverse range of people

18. You want to create a chatbot by using generative AI. Which application should you use?

Answer – Generative AI Studio

19. How does generative AI work?

Answer – It uses a neural network to learn from a large dataset.

20. Most organizations have the capability to train large language models (LLMs) from scratch.

Answer – False

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