Corona virus: Will vaccines save humanity ? How many doses ? Are boosters enough ?

Contagious disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome i.e SARS-COV-2. Most do not develop symptoms, few develop mild to moderate while very few need hospitalization as per WHO.

While standard diagnostic method of testing RT-PCR detects virus’s nucleic acid and is a more of genetic foot print detector, we have another one which detects the antibodies.

But today’s post is all about the survival and infectivity even after 2 doses of vaccines. A vaccine is nothing but either a killed version of the virus itself or a weakened/inactivated version of the virus. These are also called antigens. A proper definition of an antigen is as follows.

An Antigen is anything that is foreign to our body and with which our immune system fights to restore the functionality of our body. While fighting with an antigen our immune system created antibodies which remain active against an Antigen till they are flushed out of the body.

— Tobo

Most of the countries today have developed vaccines like Pfizer which has an efficacy rate of 90-94% and is mRNA based, developed by US and Germany in collaboration. Pfizer from US and Bio-N-Tech from US came together to create this vaccine. Moderna is another vaccine based on mRNA, having equal efficacy rate as Pfizer. Astrazeneca or Covishield(as called in India) is developed by oxford and is manufactured by Serum Institute of India having an efficacy rate between 85-90%, Bharat biotech from India also developed another vaccine named Covaxin having similar efficacy rates and is approved by WHO as well.

Covishield is nothing but a adenovirus found in chimpanzees and is made to carry covid 19 spike protein.

However question remains , Is vaccine making us safe for future. People have already come up with jokes like shown below.

Covid humor

Does the above picture tells a different story? Will humanity survive after so many doses ? Are we capable to defeat the pandemic finally ? Will we be able to live the life similar to what we living few years back ? Will students finally be able to go to school without fear of Corona ? Can parents sigh relief even after vaccination ? How long will the pandemic take to convert into endemic ? Are we going to live with these variants ? Will next variant be easier on us ? What about boosters ?

All these unanswered questions.

🙂 Stay Safe and healthy. Wear mask. Stay home. Love your loved ones.

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